Specialist Teacher Outreach Service

Empowering kaiako and kura to deliver sustainable inclusive education where separate educational settings such as Waitaha School are no longer needed.

Waitaha School's Specialist Teacher Outreach Service (STOS) works in collaboration with regular schools to empower and raise capacity for inclusive teaching practices across the school so all ākonga are included in learning. 

Our experienced kaiako work dynamically with classroom teachers, teacher aides, leadership teams, SENCOs, Learning Support Co-ordinators and ākonga to build inclusive teaching practices and environments. We use mentoring and coaching strategies as well as modelling best practice to empower kaiako to deliver an effective program.

"Research shows that disabled students in the regular classroom do better than their peers in special education in mathematics and literacy, friendships, communication and behaviour. These higher achievements continue into adult life."

- Dr Jude MacArthur

The way we work

Our best practice model is to empower kaiako and kura to deliver sustainable inclusive practices across the whole school throughout the whole week. 

Our specialist outreach team 

We are not "experts." We are all on a learning journey towards more sustainable inclusive education. Each child is different and we are guided by their strengths and talents. 

Our team consists of a range of experienced specialist classroom teachers who come out of our classroom for a short period to share their inclusive practices with regular school colleagues. 

Our team are experienced and able to work flexibly between any of our Waitaha School classrooms as well as supporting schools through the outreach service. 

We have a mix of full time and part time specialist outreach staff, as well as full time classroom specialist teachers who have a small component of outreach. 

Applying for Specialist Teacher Outreach Service

Please email our principal Maureen at principal@waitaha.school.nz

Once we receive your request for the service we will look internally for one of our experienced specialist teachers to support your kura and complete the staffing transfer form. 

Students who qualify for High ORS recieve 0.1 FTTE while students who qualify for Very High ORS recieve 0.2 FTTE specialist teachers.

Professional development 

Our specialist outreach teachers are able to facilitate a range of professional development on inclusive practices. 

We are able to cater to your school and facilitate professional development in a range of topics including:

Below are some professional development we have previously facilitated. 

Why and how of systems to add structure to school days. 

Understanding our 8th sense - interoception. 

Noticing, labeling and responding to our internal cues to co-regulate and self-regulate. 

Building compassion and understanding of ākonga and their behavioural responces through our stress responce. 

TKI : Inclusive design modules – Planning for diversity

We are able to facilitate any aspect of the inclusive design modules. 

Transitioning from Waitaha School to regular schools

We have a thorough process for ākonga transitioning from our kura to regular schools. Not one transition out of Waitaha to regular schools looks the same, we work flexibly to support the schools, kaiako, ākonga and whānau. This can be a quick process taking a few weeks or the process of transitioning may take a few terms. 

Get in touch with us if you would like to explore options for your tamariki to attend their local school.